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Get a FREE Assessment of Your Rental Property. START HERE!

Get a FREE Assessment of Your Rental Property. START HERE!


With association management you want a partner that will properly execute your budget, and you want someone you can trust. Real Property Management is an industry leader when it comes to real estate management with over 30 years of experience and locations across the United States and Canada.

Common Interest Community (CIC) management has many facets from operational and financial aspects to homeowner and tenant service and compliance issue resolution. We also deal with maintenance and repair as well as administration and risk management. Real Property Management Southwest Michigan is able to handle all areas of your Association’s management needs with professionalism, expertise and reliability.

We have a keen understanding of operating and reserve budgeting and financial duties. With our knowledge of the operations of successful associations and our proven resolution methods, we ensure you success in operating a harmonious neighborhood community that fulfills the needs of all members. In turn, your owners will appreciate our 24/7 availability for any emergency issues. After navigating the industry for 30 years, we know how complicated—and costly—managing a community can be if not done carefully. Take back your evenings, weekends, holidays and anything else you’ve given up to keep your community in optimum condition. Experience the difference Real Property Management Southwest Michigan can make.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing – a straightforward fee structure with no hidden charges
  • Local Experience – expertise with the proper licensing, insurance and vendor relationships in your area
  • Online Owner Payment Portal – with communication abilities
  • Streamlined Collections – to ensure timely payments and improved cash flow and trustee services availability should the need arise
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance – preferred vendor relationships
  • Online Board Member Portal – with access to financial reports and all property activity
  • Trust Accounting – for all association funds
  • Regular Property Inspections –to assess property condition and keep up on compliance issues
  • Compliance Tracking – to aid in mitigating compliance recurrence
  • 24/7 Emergency Services – to ensure needs are met
  • Vendor Oversight – keeping track of vendor licensing, insurance and project completion
  • Requests for Proposals – standard bid requests gathered and summarized for your board
  • Major Project and Reserve Study Oversight – affordable options when you need them
  • Highly-Trained Staff – ensures professionalism, consistency and reliability
  • Impeccable Ethics & Integrity

With Real Property Management Southwest Michigan, you have 24/7 access to photographs, inspection details, maintenance activity and comprehensive financial reports. Professional management not only means you have a small army of specialists attending to every aspect of your association, it also means you have complete, transparent access to everything that is happening with your community.

To make your community the best it can be, you need much more than drive-by “management” from a company with many associations under management and few staff. And, you need more than a small discount company that has limited resources, knowledge or experience to avoid costly mistakes and missed details. Real Property Management Southwest Michigan offers an affordable, comprehensive solution to help you get a better run community, without trying to “up sell” outside services to your Board or use the owner list to solicit your homeowners like the other companies do.

When you evaluate property managers to support your CIC, ask these questions: Will your property manager be as anxious to help your community hold its value as they are to take your management fee? Will they have the expertise to truly guide your Board in the operations of your community? Will they answer the phone? Are your operating and reserve accounts in good hands? Are they looking out for your legal protection? Here is what you need to look for:

Transparency. You should be able to know 24/7 what is happening with your properties—maintenance needs and overall property condition. Real Property Management Southwest Michigan provides on-demand online reporting on all activity and financial reports, as well as responsive support through your property manager, accounting and maintenance representatives.

Clear Terms. Your property manager should clearly explain the terms of your agreement, what is included in the management of your property and what you can expect. A professional property manager will be happy to take the time to answer all questions to your satisfaction. Real Property Management Southwest Michigan explains everything up front and helps you know what to expect throughout our relationship.

No Hidden Costs. All costs should be clear up front, remember do-it-yourself and discount property management services can cost you in the long run with costly mistakes. When fees are waived or reduced, too often the level of service for your community is reduced as well. At Real Property Management Southwest Michigan, we are committed to clear pricing, no hidden fees and the highest level of service.

High Standards. At Real Property Management Southwest Michigan, we are held to a higher, national standard of performance. You shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Common Interest Communities

Common interest communities include individually owned units, shared facilities, and common areas in neighborhoods. Common abbreviations include PUD, CIC, HOA, COA, LMA, and LOA. Many types of properties are included such as single family homes, condominiums, town homes, and retirement communities. Alongside the Board of Directors of your homeowners association, or HOA, our professional property managers will manage the common areas (playgrounds, parking lots, swimming pools, and clubhouses) and ensure compliance to the governing documents of your community.

Real Property Management has the professional experience, systems, and tools to deliver excellent service to your community. We’ll help you minimize the stress and hassles that come with association management and improve relations among your members.

Five Ways We Can Help

  • Cost-effective grounds and building maintenance and repairs: Proactive attention, a systematized process and strategic alliances work together to save you time and money
  • Precise, trustworthy financials: Our services include billing and collecting assessments, timely management of accounts receivable and payable, and preparing monthly financial reports
  • Rigorous compliance: Associations avoid costly mistakes and legal actions with our compliance policies and tracking systems
  • Experienced, trained professional team: No other property manager in the industry is backed by the intensive training required of our managers and staff, supported by a library of over 200 courses on every subject of property management
  • Organized and timely administrative duties: Our professional staff handles administrative tasks such as recording and keeping minutes, responding to members’ questions and concerns, and creating and distributing newsletters

Not only will your members be pleased with our property management services, your board will have more time to focus on other responsibilities.

The Real Property Management Advantage

  • 25+ years of experience
  • North America’s largest
    property management company
  • 250+ locations in 46 states
  • Local expertise
    backed by nationwide support

Trusted by tens of thousands
of property owners nationwide